Renov8 Fitness Client Questionnaire

This Client Questionnaire allows us to know more about your fitness history, current nutrition habits, occupation, hobbies/recreational activites, and your fitness goals.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at GetFit@Renov8.Fitness or calling 818-925-LIFE (5433) and we will help you as soon as possible. Thank you and we look forward to coaching you!

Name *
History and Goals:
1. Are you currently involved in a fitness program? *
Personal Fitness Coaching and Nutrition:
6. Have you ever worked with a personal trainer/fitness coach? *
How many days per week are you willing to commit to your workouts? *
7. How would you rate your eating habits and understanding of nutrition as it relates to your goals? *
8. How many meals do you eat per day (inlcuding snacks)? *
9. Do you currently take any vitamins or supplements? *
Occupation and Recreation:
10. Does your occupation require extended periods of sitting? *
11. Does your occupation require extended periods of repetitive movements? *
12. Do you have any hobbies (ex: reading, gardening, working on cars, Internet surfing, etc.)? *
13. Do you partake in any recreational activities (ex: golf, tennis, skiing, etc.)? *