Renov8 Fitness Heart Rate-Based Training System: Know How Hard You Are Working In Your Training

We take fitness seriously.  Listening to your body is one thing, but understanding what its telling you is a completely different scenario.  Renov8's exclusive heart rate-based training system allows you to do just that - UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU!

Getting the most out of your training doesn’t always mean working harder or working faster. Heart rate training optimizes all of your hard work so you can make every minute of every workout count! When you listen to your body using a heart rate monitor and keep your recovery times in check, you enhance your fitness, gain more strength, and improve your performance – and you do this faster with Renov8's heart rate training system!

  • Set and monitor fitness goals based on progress, not guesswork = Proof of Effort
  • Personalized and efficient workouts...every single time
  • Aerobic and anaerobic system development
  • Real-time feedback showing your body's response to exercise
  • Improved exercise efficiency by training at the right intensity level at all times
  • Prevention of training program adaptation to maximize effort
  • Improved recovery and injury prevention without overtraining
  • Daily and monthly performance tracking (calories burned, duration of exercise, heart rate average, heart rate max, time spent in each zone, points earned, # of workouts)
  • Sport-specific training and energy system development for everyone looking to find their athlete within

Each heart rate zone serves a unique purpose by utilizing a different energy system in your body.  By exercising in heart rate zones that are structured round your fitness goals, you can make your workouts more personalized and efficient, and you can reduce recovery time.

Real-Time Results: Our members see how our system tracks heart rate, heart rate percentages, heart rate zones, heart rate recovery and training points. 

Our members receive an email after each coaching session with their workout summary and, at the end of each month, they receive a detailed monthly summary as well.