Renov8 Body Blueprint

Renov8 Fitness Body Blueprint & Functional Movement Screen


Before creating a specialized training program, we ensure we take the time to find out your specific needs by performing your Renov8 Fitness™ Body Blueprint. This individual blueprint forms the solid foundation that we use to design your customized program; helping you to reach your goals quickly and safely.

During this advanced fitness assessment we learn about your health history, past injuries, training history and your specific health & fitness goals. We also take you through a range of motion, mobility and flexibility evaluation along with the base of our blueprint – The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) – to discover exactly where your program should begin.

You'll also receive the following:

  • Body composition assessment
  • Flexibility assessmnet
  • Strength assessment
  • Postural/imbalance assessment
  • Overhead press assessment
  • Cardiovascular assessment

All of this leads to the specific design of your customized training program by our Head Fitness & Nutriton Coach/Program Designer, Heather Binns. Thereafter it's adjusted and progressed as needed based upon your own performance. The sky is the limit!