We're serious about quality and the level of personal experience one receives at our private fitness center. Renov8 Fitness™ is focused on you and your goals, who you are and where you're going.  You're not a number here or a barcode.  Have you spent hundreds of dollars on gym memberships that don't work for you?  Does your gym barely pay attention to you, let you do anything you want and could care less if you stay or leave? Not us! At Renov8 Fitness you will always work with a coach every single time you are in the gym. We believe in high levels of interaction and care for each and ever member.

Renov8 Fitness™ offers multiple comprehensive membership options to tailor to your needs. There is no shortcut to achieving results, and you will see results! We are looking for members who are ready, serious and willing to start making changes. You are our walking advertisements :)

Essentials Memberships


Our Essentials Membership package includes:

  • Renov8 Fitness™ Assessment

  • Renov8 Fitness™ Nutrition Journal (includes a food log, shopping list and nutrition guidelines)

  • Unlimited access to small group fitness coaching sessions (max of 8 people/session):

    • General Strength & Cardio sessions to build endurance and cardiorespiratory efficiency

    • High-energy Metabolic sessions to efficiently burn fat

    • Total Body Strength sessions to build muscle and strength

    • Specialized Form 'n Lifting sessions focusing on proper technique and form

    • Partner Workout sessions for competitive fun and camaraderie

    • Express sessions for a quick, condensed version of our workouts when short on time.

    • RAMMP (Recovery, Activation, Mobility & Movement Prep) sessions for improved health & wellness

  • Access to the Renov8 Fitness private Facebook group

  • FitRanX worldwide fitness ranking system

  • On-the-Go Workouts when traveling

Essentials Membership*: $297/mo for 12 months and $357 month-to-month (unlimited access)

Essentials (3 Group Sessions/Week) Membership: $197/mo for 12 months and $257 month-to-month

All monthly billing is handled via automatic credit or debit card.  Get in touch with us to start making positive changes today!

Premium Memberships


Our Premium Membership package includes:

  • All the great benefits of the Essentials Membership; PLUS

  • Renov8 Fitness™ Body Blueprint

  • Customized training program just for you

  • Weekly Individualized Coaching sessions working on your specific needs and goals (aka semi-private with a max of 4-5 people each working on their own customized training program)

Premium Membership*: $427/mo for 12 months and $487 month-to-month (unlimited access)

Premium (2 Group Sessions/Week) Membership*: $327/mo for 12 months and $387 month-to-month

* Four (4) extra individualized coaching sessions per month can be added for only $225 ($56.25/session).

All monthly billing is handled via automatic credit or debit card.  Get in touch with us to start making positive changes today!

Nutrition & Lifestyle Membership


Successfully changing habits long-term takes time and we are here to guide you!  We offer an individualized nutrition program that is focused on helping you establish a lifelong nutrition approach.  By offering sound nutritional advice, a tailor-made nutritional plan with your goals in mind, and support from us, you can make a positive change that you can be proud of for years to come.  This program will provide you with the confidence that you have the knowledge and tools to maintain your progress – for life.

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OCR/Spartan SGX Training


Learn how to conquer race obstacles such as wall climbing, spear throwing, bucket carries, monkey bars, animalistic crawls, rope climbs, weighted carries, jumping over objects and onto boxes, hoisting heavy bags, tire flips, balance beams, keg carries and more!  Note - A certain level of physical fitness is required for this type of training, so some beginners may need to start with one of the above Renov8 memberships to properly prepare them for the more vigorous nature of OCR/Spartan SGX training.  It takes time to properly prepare for an obstacle course race, so don't wait until the last-minute.  When you're ready to conquer the race, we are ready to help!  Try your 1st single small group OCR/Spartan SGX session for only $49!!

Our OCR/Spartan SGX Sessions:

  • Every session begins with active and dynamic stretching/movement prep to get your body ready for the workout and to prevent injury.

  • Every session involves a varied format with some sessions being indoors and others outdoors. The indoor obstacle training sessions focused mostly on improving skill in the above-referenced obstacles. The outdoor sessions focus mostly on endurance/hill training with some obstacle training built-in.

  • Every session ends with static stretching to properly cool your body down, prevent injury and reduce muscle soreness.

  • Once a month this session will be a simulated mock race to put your skills to the test.

  • These sessions vary from 1 - 2 hours in length and are commonly held on Friday evenings and Saturday/Sunday mornings.

Journey Starts Here_Stairs.jpgJourney STarts Here

These OCR/Spartan SGX sessions are very personalized in nature.  You won't need to worry about getting lost amidst a large group of athletes as we keep our sessions small and close-knit so you can get more personalized attention to the skills you need to improve the most!

 Month-to-Month OCR/Spartan SGX Membership*: $160/month for non-members and $128/month for Renov8 Fitness members (includes 4 OCR sessions/month).  Join our OCR/Spartan SGX membership today!

 Drop-In OCR/Spartan SGX Sessions**: $49/session for non-members and $39/session for Renov8 Fitness members.  All drop-in OCR/Spartan SGX sessions expire 1 month after purchase and do not carry over month-to-month if unused.  Purchase a drop-in session and reserve your spot today!


1-to-1 Individualized Coaching

Although we believe our small group and semi-private individualized fitness coaching sessions provide a great, motivational team atmosphere – we understand some prefer a more 1-to-1 experience.

These 1-to-1 Individualized Coaching sessions with Fitness Expert, Heather Binns, are charged at $160/hour, billed weekly. Just get in touch if you feel these would be more suitable for you.

We also coach corporate and other sponsored teams, so contact us today to get more information.


* All Renov8 Fitness memberships have a one-time initial investment of $89 upon joining.  Exception: Nutrition & Lifestyle Membership and the OCR/Spartan SGX Membership.

* Regular small group fitness coaching drop-in sessions are available for out of town guests at $30/session (not including OCR/Spartan SGX sessions).

** Drop-in OCR/Spartan SGX sessions expire 1 month after purchase and do not carry over month-to-month if unused.