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Coach Heather's Thanksgiving Plan


Coach Heather's Thanksgiving Plan

Do You Have A Thanksgiving Plan?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because I love to eat and give thanks! I look forward to splurging on mashed potatoes & gravy, turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, pumpkin/pecan pie, and more! Some of you may think I eat healthy 100% of the time, but I don't. It’s not realistic and it doesn’t make me happy. I believe in balance and moderation.

So what do I do, you ask? Well, I try to eat healthy most of the time and plan my splurges. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I plan the biggest splurge of the year :) Let me tell you how I do it.

It starts with maintaining, or upping, my workout game the week of Thanksgiving to help offset the increase in caloric intake that one day. I don't count calories, but I know they will increase tomorrow.

Second, on Thanksgiving Day I eat a small protein and veggie-based breakfast so I have room to splurge later on during my Thanksgiving meal.

Third, I make sure to workout Thanksgiving morning. Tomorrow, I will be running hill repeats with my husband and am actually looking forward to us pushing each other up those hills :)

Lastly, I take my usual high-quality salmon oil supplement to gain my omega 3s as a counterbalance to the omega 6 increase from the turkey that will be consumed. Turkeys are usually fed mostly a corn and soy diet, even if they are organic. Omega 6 causes inflammation in the body, raises blood pressure, may lead to blood clots and causes the body to retain water…we don't want any of that!

So, it’s all about planning ahead. But Thanksgiving is not only about the food. It’s also about giving thanks and being grateful.

I am grateful that I have two wonderful families to share Thanksgiving with, both at home and at the gym. My Renov8 Fitness family is gathering tomorrow morning for a big pre-Thanksgiving workout and my bio family is gathering later on for our wonderful Thanksgiving feast mentioned above. I am grateful to have both families to share this special day with tomorrow.

Don’t forget to be grateful, especially when so many people have recently lost almost everything due to the recent California fires. Reach out a helping hand and show gratitude for the positive people in your life. Let people know you love them and care about them, which leads me to YOU! I am grateful for you allowing me to share my health & fitness thoughts, ideas and journey with you. I hope it leads to greater awareness and learning, which eventually leads to improvement and positive change.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Coach Heather Binns


The Final Quarter


The Final Quarter

Yes, it's been awhile since you've received an email from me and I have no excuses. Renov8 Fitness has really been growing in 2018 and we've been assisting so many transformations in our clients and members - it's amazing!!

Yes, they've put in the hard work to make changes and build new habits such as eating healthier, skipping the drive thru, and attending their workout sessions every week. I've had the pleasure of coaching them so they can perform at their best; handling their recurring body composition assessments to gauge change; motivating them to stay on-point; answering their questions about nutrition, exercise & health; and keeping up with our own day-to-day duties so Renov8 Fitness can support them in every way needed.

In addition, I've been training competitively for obstacle course racing the past 3 months, spending time with my family (love my grand kids!), and studying for school each week. I went back after 19 years to learn emergency care/transportation of the sick and injured. You never know when you may have to help save someone's life!

I love learning new things, which is why Renov8 Fitness' Core Value #6 is the 'Continuous Pursuit of Education.' I've had a lot on my plate, but I don't regret any of it; I actually LOVE it!!

But let's talk about YOU instead! Another year is flying by as usual. As we head into the last quarter of the year, take a moment to reflect on 2017. Where were you at the start of the year? What promises did you make to yourself?

So here we are again…We’ve now surpassed the 75% point of the year. An entire three quarters of 2018 have already passed - we are now less than three months away from 2019 - 81 days to go! Are you on track with those 2018 New Year’s Resolutions you set earlier in the year (remember those)? Are you on target to hit your goals?

If you wanted to lose 20 lbs. this year – are you down 15 lbs. already? If your goal was to do 250 workouts – have you completed 188 workouts?

It’s amazing how time passes so quickly. If you need a “do-over” then I’m going to give you one.

You can REDO your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions right now and get started all over again. That’s right – I’m letting you off the hook – but don’t waste a single second.

If your goal is fat loss start today. If your goal is muscle building start today. If your goal is to train for an obstacle course race - start today. If your goal is (insert anything here) – start TODAY!

Over 75% of this year is gone forever. Will you make changes TODAY or will another 25% pass…..

Very few people actually measure and take stock of their efforts. If you are following a plan to lose fat – are you actually losing fat? And I mean at a rate that is acceptable for your efforts? Or are you blindly thinking you are eating healthy without actually logging your food intake?

The only way to gauge your progress towards your goals is to measure it. At the beginning of 2018 I talked about “SMART” goals — one of the keys is ‘M’ – Measurable. Measure your results.

As we continue the final quarter of 2018, it’s time to take stock of your efforts. Again — over 75% of this year is gone forever. Will you make changes TODAY or will another three months pass, then before you know it — it’s 2019…..

Don’t waste a single second. Start TODAY.

Where will you be at New Year’s Eve – Dec 31st? That’s less than 12 weeks away. Will you be 12 weeks leaner? Will you be 12 weeks closer to your goals?

The time will pass anyway….

Heather Binns Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC


My Name is Heather and I'm a Workaholic


My Name is Heather and I'm a Workaholic

I continually impress upon my clients at Renov8 Fitness that it's important to de-stress and unwind. Not only for your sanity, but also for your health. When you're always on-the-go and running on high, eventually things start to fail. Just like a car engine, one part relies on another and if parts start to fail, the whole engine goes. Yes, your body can last quite a bit of time in it's high zone, but eventually it gives in to survive.

I just returned home a few nights ago from being away for 5 days as Team Renov8 participated in the Ragnar Trail Relay in Lake Tahoe. It was a dusty, hot, dirty, and fun-filled trip of making new friends, running amongst beautiful scenery, inhaling smoke due to the Yosemite fire (unfortunately), acquiring a minimal amount of sleep, relaxing by the river, and sitting in front of a campfire zoning out on the flames. The first couple days were nonstop as our team of 8 runners took turns running the trails in Soda Springs, and then we packed-up our campsite and moved to another one for relaxation the last couple days. It wasn't until I was standing in the river stream with my husband and a couple teammates that I realized that I really needed this time away.

At home I am always "work, work, work"...mostly because I own my own company (Renov8 Fitness) and am OCD just like my mother (everything has to be perfect), but also because I'm not always the best at forcing myself to slow down, stop and relax. I am guilty, just as any, of not doing what I tell my clients to do...DE-STRESS!

It's pretty amazing actually that I can keep myself going for so long. I rarely take naps. I'm always working inside and outside of the gym. I workout and train as a competitive athlete (this is fairly new). And then I eat, sleep and socialize with family and friends. But I know in the long run, if I don't de-stress more often, I'm going to break down just like that car engine.

One of my new goals, from this realization over the weekend, is to officially add de-stressing to my calendar just like any of my other appointments, meetings, coaching sessions, etc. As the old saying can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first.

So please, take it from me - a workaholic - and make every effort you can to de-stress everyday. You will love yourself for it!

Heather Binns Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC


Is Your Confidence Engine Revving?


Is Your Confidence Engine Revving?

Or is it running low? If you've ever thought about accomplishing a new feat such as finishing an obstacle course race, cutting sugar from your diet, or even reading a book in its entirety, how and where do you begin your journey?

I've struggled many times with accomplishing some of my own goals. I've had to reset my thoughts and action plans numerous times to dodge the curveballs life throws at me, but in the end I'm usually a success - I reach my goal. Now it's your turn. What is your ultimate health & fitness goal and what steps will you take to get there?

Let's say you belong to a gym that you rarely use, you have books about fad diets and weight loss on your bookshelf, and you’ve even had a consultation with a personal trainer, but you still can’t seem to get yourself off the couch and out of the house.

Is it fear of failure or commitment? Is it a lack of motivation and desire? Are you afraid to try something new and unknown? Do you just not know what to do and where to start? Whatever it may be, it all starts with goals and your belief to get to that prized end result. Steven Binns, Jr., PsyD, a Sport Psychologist in Los Angeles, California states:

“Confidence and goals go together like breathing and air. You can take a short breath or deep breath, the air stays the same. If your goal is to complete a marathon or lose 100 pounds, make it your main goal. The deep breath. Smaller goals bring you to your main goal, right? So let’s make small, realistic, attainable goals, like jogging for 10 minutes, your short breaths. Your confidence engine will start to build. It feels good when that engine builds because mentally, it’s a good predictor of how you’ll do on your next task.”

The first step is finding out and naming your ultimate health & fitness goal. Then you need to break that big goal down into smaller ones. Remember to take one step at a time, be mindful and make adjustments according to your current lifestyle.

Let’s look at an example: You want to start a new physical activity to help you improve your health & fitness. It must be one that is fun, yet challenging and the opposite of monotony. After doing some research you discover the Spartan Race. According to Wikipedia, Spartan Race is a series of obstacle races of varying distance and difficulty ranging from 3 miles to marathon distances. They are held in USA and franchised to 30 countries including Canada, South Korea, Australia and several European countires. The series include the Spartan Sprint (3+ miles of obstacle racing, 20+ obstacles), the Super Spartan (8+ miles, 25+ obstacles), the Spartan Beast (13+ miles, 30+ obstacles), and the Ultra Beast (26+ miles, 60+ obstacles - one of two marathon obstacle courses along with Mudderthon). SPartan Race also has a military series, hosted on military bases. There are also winter and team events.

Now doesn’t that sound daunting, challenging, exciting and fun at the same time?! Beginners (anyone can do this) should start with the Sprint or Stadium Sprint, the shortest courses, at your own pace…walking, running or both. Your pace is dependent on your training.

So let’s get busy. Here’s your first freebee set of short-term goals:

  1. Register for a Spartan race.
  2. Start a training program using Spartan’s complimentary ‘Couch-to-Sprint Training Plan,’ or hire one of their Spartan SGX-certified coaches like myself.
  3. Improve your nutrition with Spartan’s complimentary daily nutrition tips and/or guidance from a Nutrition Coach like myself.

Sure everyone gets nervous before a race, even pro and elite athletes, especially when there’s an unknown adventure ahead. But to ease your anxiety, as you can see, Spartan and Spartan SGX Coaches offer you all the resources you need to prepare for your first Spartan race. You can’t cross the finish line until you get to the starting line.

What is your ultimate health & fitness goal and what steps will you take to get there? AROO!!

To Your Success!

Heather Binns, Renov8 Fitness


Have You Heard the Good News?


Have You Heard the Good News?

Lifting weights not only reshapes and defines your body, but also improves your mood and confidence!

There is a strong link between physical activity and improving your mental state (i.e. “getting your mind right!”). Aerobic activities such as running and cycling usually receive the most publicity when it comes to exercise causing a natural endorphin release, however weightlifting does the same thing!

Endorphins are the 'feel-good' hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system, causing reduced pain and a boost in pleasure that ultimately results in a feeling of well-being. This 'natural high' reinforces habits and yields significant improvements in your mind, body and spirit.

Although cardio is the preferred method of choice when it comes to chasing this 'natural high,' the latest research shows a positive correlation between weightlifting and improving your mood, while decreasing symptoms of depression. In as little as two sessions per week you can cut symptoms of the blues in half by lifting weights at the right intensity.

Additionally, the more muscle mass you add to your body, the more these symptoms diminish. So what are you doing for your health & fitness? Are you training to lose weight, become healthier, build confidence, increase muscle mass, reduce pain or just feel better?

More and more people experience depressed moods on a day-to-day basis and unfortunately turn to the streets and prescription drugs, which leads to addiction and possibly even death. If you feel anxious or down, consider lifting dumbbells, Kettlebells, sandbags, barbells, medicine balls, or anything else that's somewhat heavy for you and start moving it properly.

Lifting weights is a healthy alternative that offers wonderful side effects such as increased energy, mood and confidence along with a good-looking body. So get your lift on today and get your mind right!

Heather Binns Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC



Hunger or Craving?

You’d think it would be easy to eat when you're hungry and drink when you're thirsty, but as we all know, it’s not as easy as it sounds. In our day of living we’ve all become accustomed to habits based upon our daily lifestyles. For example, when I worked in the corporate world many years ago, I started drinking coffee each morning because that’s what everyone did. It was an unnecessary habit I started when I arrived at work each day.

Nowadays we’ve lost our true perception of hunger. How do we know if we’re truly hungry or just experiencing a food craving? The key is learning how to recognize the difference between hunger and cravings.

True hunger commonly occurs when you haven’t eaten for a while (a few hours or more). If you’ve gone a really long time without eating, you’ll also notice hunger pangs in your stomach such as rumbling and grumbling. You may feel weak and lightheaded with a possible headache. My husband always knows when I’m hungry because I get cranky, too (commonly referred to as ‘Hangry’).

One important thing to remember about hunger is that the feeling doesn't pass with time. If you’ve waited approximately 15-20 minutes and you’re still feeling the same way, then you really may be hungry. Your body is telling you that you need to eat and satisfy that hunger with food. Just make sure it’s not one type of food you are fixated on, as that may be a craving.

Cravings are usually for one specific ‘comfort’ food such as sweets, salty items, and fatty foods versus just nourishment in general. Cravings are also commonly caused by negative feelings and can be stronger if you’re dieting or restricting specific foods from your nutrition. And for us ladies out there, these cravings intensify during our menstrual cycle and pregnancy. What fun!

Many times we give-in to our cravings to feel better, but it can also put us a through an emotional roller coaster. We feel good while consuming the food item of choice, but then feel guilty afterward. Occasional guilt after over-indulging is normal, however if every single meal is a battle with excessive guilt, regret, and shame, then this might be something more serious.

Cravings can also occur right after we’ve eaten. For example, I commonly crave sweets the moment I’m done eating dinner – that’s my downfall and it’s a true sugar craving! But the most important thing to remember about cravings, is that they will pass with time. When I have those sugar cravings, I sometimes give-in to them, but many times I try to distract myself and eventually forget I even had the craving in the first place.

Try distracting yourself with journaling, exercise, sleeping, working, studying, listening to music, talking to a friend, or anything else that will shift your mindset to a positive new task at hand.

So, the next time you have the desire to eat, stop and try to recognize if it’s hunger or just a craving.

Have a happy, healthy and nutritious day!

Heather Binns Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC

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Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs


Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

A solid nutrition plan is extremely important when it comes to seeing fast results from working out. Most people will never wear a bikini or go shirtless at the pool (I’m talking about men here), or ever feel confident in their own skin because they don’t understand one important point: No matter how much you exercise, you can’t out work bad nutrition.

In order to lose body fat, get back into a bikini or board shorts alone, you must have a healthy nutrition program that works for you. Pasta, white rice, most breads, pastries, flour tortillas, most cereals, and white flour (i.e. any processed carbs) should either not be a part of your nutrition, or should only be consumed in a splurge meal.

Don’t think all carbs are bad either. Fruits and vegetable are good carbs, along with whole grains such as brown or wild rice, quinoa, chickpeas, and wheat-free breads (healthy starches).

If you want to lose body fat and get the body you desire, you cannot eat foods that don't work for you. Instead, eat small balanced meals focused on green vegetables, lean proteins, and a small amount of healthy fats. Then fit-in those healthy starches sporadically. An example of healthy lean proteins that enable you to build lean body mass and burn fat include chicken and turkey breast, salmon, and grass-fed beef or bison.

So, eat lean proteins, load-up on green vegetables, drink plenty of water, exercise right, and you will start your journey to the body you desire. Check out the video HERE to learn more about healthy eating :)

Have a happy, healthy and active day!

Heather Binns, Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC


No More Excuses!


No More Excuses!

Sometimes clients don’t want to get a follow-up body composition assessment because deep down inside they know the numbers are going to be the same, if not worse, than the prior assessment. Many times the reason is because someone was out of town on vacation, had too many splurges in the last month, has not been working out at Renov8 Fitness as much as they used to, or is letting stress control their life.

I get that it happens to the best of us…getting caught-up in life and forgetting about our goals and making ourselves a priority…but at some point we need to draw the line. You can’t take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first. That’s why I know it’s important to me to continue staying active and eating healthy as best I can.

There will always be a good reason or excuse not to do what you said you were going to do. It really comes down to commitment. The only way to get back into those jeans that you love so much, to get your body feeling better with less pain, to feel more confident and proud of yourself, or to get your body ready for summer in the next 10 weeks, is to do what you said you would do long after the emotion that prompted you to say you’d do it has left. That is commitment!

Unless you have commitment, you are not going to reach your goals and get what you deserve. The key is to be prepared for the events that will come along to derail you. That is why I am a big proponent of “splurges.”

A splurge is when you can eat any and everything in one meal that you have avoided while staying true to your guidelines of working out and eating healthy. Use your splurges for celebrations, office parties, and other social events that would otherwise throw you off your game.

The other thing that will keep you on track is accountability. Imagine if the clients I mentioned above didn’t have any Renov8 Fitness coaching sessions scheduled? It would probably make matters even worse by sleeping-in, stressing out by working too much, being lazy, and NOT working out. The goal is to lose body fat, get in shape, build muscle, gain confidence and have fun!

Be true to yourself. Plan your week better. Use your splurges wisely. Find a coach or friend to use as accountability partners and you will reach your goals and get what you deserve. Everyone deserves to be happy with themselves.

Have a happy, healthy and active day!

Heather Binns

Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC


Do You Eat?


Do You Eat?

Healthy that is....

But what exactly does "healthy" mean?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, healthy means "free from disease or pain," "showing physical, mental, or emotional well-being" and "beneficial to one's physical, mental, or emotional state."

Do you REALLY eat healthy?

I know many times I think I am eating healthy, but when I start logging my food for a couple weeks, I notice that I have slacked. I got caught-up in my old ways of eating too much sugar, not enough protein, not enough vegetables, etc. See, I have the same problem as most people and have to continually remind myself to eat healthy as well.

So how can you REALLY know if you are eating healthy?

I recommend logging your daily food and drink intake for at least 2 weeks to really get a good look into how you eat on a regular basis. You'll most likely be surprised with what you find out. For example:

  • How often do you eat vegetables, lean protein, sugar, processed foods, etc.?
  • How often do you drink alcohol?
  • What is deficient in your nutrition?
  • Do you tend to eat smaller or larger portion sizes?
  • Are you eating only when hungry or are you emotionally eating as well?
  • How much water do you drink each day?
  • How do ingredients make you feel 30 minutes to 48 hours after consumption?
  • And so on...

By putting pen to paper you are actively recording in your brain and keeping your nutrition at the top of your mind. You'll start noticing what you reach for in the refrigerator when it's time you eat versus mindlessly choosing and consuming.

To help make these two weeks of food logging easier for you, keep a pen and paper/notebook with you at all times. Record your intake including food item, quantity, and notes on how you feel or the situation you were in at the time. This is important as snacks are typically consumed unpredictably and, as a result, is impossible to record accurately unless your food log is nearby.

Try to record as precisely as possible every single item that you consume including water, vitamins, condiments, etc. Use a small food scale if you have one, or use standard measuring devices (ex: measuring cups and measuring spoons) to record the quantities consumed as accurately as possible. If you don't eat all of an item as planned, measure what's left and record the difference.

Also record combinations of food separately (ex: 100% lean ground beef, brioche bun, and condiments) and include brand names of food items, or list the contents of homemade items, whenever possible. For packaged items, use labels to determine quantities and ingredients.

Now I admit, this will still feel cumbersome over the 2-week period, but the knowledge you will gain from this experience is ten-fold and well worth the effort. Like I said before, you will most likely be surprised with what you find out. And best of all, you don't need to count calories!

So choose your pen and paper/notebook of preference, determine a start date for logging (ex: Monday, February 12th), and when you are done I would love to hear what you found out. What nutrition habits were you surprised by and what are your plans to adjust them based upon your goals?

Ready, set, go! You got this!

Yours In Fitness, Heather Binns



Do You Drink?

Enough water that is....

Many times we think we are properly hydrated, but how do we really know?

Our body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue and organ needs water. Without water our body cannot remove waste, metabolize food, lubricate joints, maintain its temperature, and transport nutrients.

Did you know that water makes up more than half of our body weight and is the most important nutrient that it uses? We only have one body to live in, so we better make sure to take care of it!

Here are some of the signs of dehydration: " Extreme thirst " Headaches " Muscle cramps " Darker urine or very little urine " Rapid pulse " Dry mouth " Confusion " Sleepiness or fatigue

Here are some easy ways to help stay hydrated: " Drink water (duh!) " Eat foods high in water content such as cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, green peppers, lettuce, radishes, bell peppers, celery, broccoli, pineapple, cauliflower, strawberries, tomatoes, spinach, grapefruit, berries, baby carrots, kiwi, radishes, and cantaloupe " Drink beverages high in water content such as coconut water, tea, coffee, lemonade, vegetable juice, fruit juice, milk, etc. " Carry a filled water bottle all day long (I do and it really helps!) " Consume ice chips " Use all-natural sea salt sprinkled sparingly on food to help balance water and potassium levels and to alkalize the body " Exercise to increase circulation to get more nutrients into your cells

I usually recommend drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, then 70 ounces of water is ideal. If exercising or working extra hard in a day, additional water will be needed to make-up what is lost while sweating.

So, start drinking up, but keep in mind that increasing water intake abruptly can be a challenge. The key is to slowly work your way up to the allotted amount of water each day and eventually your body will compensate. If you stay hydrated, your body will function properly every day!


Don't Miss out!


Don't Miss out!

There's a lot of exciting things coming and we don't want you to miss out on what you may be interested in.

RSVP today for your events of choice by clicking on the the links above!



No Buts About It!

1) Foam Rolling Workshop

There's only 6 spots left in our Foam Rolling Techniques Workshop tomorrow at 11:30am!

Fitness Expert, Heather Binns, briefly talks about Self-Myofascial Release (SMR), aka foam rolling, and will walk you through how to utilize these techniques on yourself.

SMR is a form of self-massage/stretching technique used by fitness enthusiasts, athletes and therapists to relax or 'release' tight muscles. It improves flexibility and function of tight muscles and improves mobility of restricted joints by focusing on the body's neural and fascial systems.

Benefits of Foam Rolling:

  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Improve joint range of motion
  • Relieve muscle soreness
  • Maximize recovery time
  • Enhance extensibility of musculotendinous junction
  • Increase neuromuscular efficiency
  • Reduce injuries
  • Maintain normal functional muscular length
  • Relieve joint stress
  • Improve overall performance

All attendees receive a free copy of Heather's SMR eBook: Self-Myofascial Release for the Human Body. Attendanance is free for REnov8 Fitness members and $10 for non-members. [RSVP tod

2) 2018 New Year, New You Transformation Challenge!

This 6-week body transformation challenge has a $2,500 grand prize! Best part're doing this as a team with 2 of your closest friends, family members, and co-workers to compete together for the grand prize!

We’ll kickoff the challenge with a short workshop on Thursday, February 1st at 7:30pm. Here you’ll learn more about workout recommendations and other details that will help you get the best results during the challenge. The team that combines losing the most body fat with gaining the most lean mass will win!

Click HERE to learn more about entry fees and other challenge details. Win $2,500!!! That's $833 per team member.

3) REI No Buts Night Run hosted by Ragnar Relay on January 31st!

Join Team REnov8. There are one million and one reasons not to run on Jan. 31. It's cold. It's dark. Your heater and fuzzy slippers are calling your name. But we're asking you to put your buts behind you, and join us as Ragnar Relay hosts REI's No Buts Night Run.

For every person who pledges to run in the dark (it's free for you), REI will donate $1 to the American Hiking Society. So grab your headlamp, a good friend and some reflective gear and get ready to run the night!

  • Reserve your spot in this free session with Renov8 Fitness HERE
  • Pledge to run HERE
  • RSVP to their Facebook event HERE
  • RSVP to our Facebook event HERE
  • Invite your friends to join us as our run is open to the public.
  • Share your photos across social media with the hashtags #NightRun #Renov8Fitness #HeatherCPT #TeamRenov8 and also tag @RagnarRelay, @Renov8Fitness and @REI.

We'll see you on Jan. 31st - no ifs,ands, or buts! Running mileage is up to you, but we will all start together!





I just wanted to take a second to write to you and let you know about an exciting new system that we at Renov8 Fitness are stoked to be taking part in.

Have you ever wished that you had more short-term goals along the way to your long-term goals?

Maybe you want to be able to see how well you’re progressing without having to rely on the dreaded scale every time.

Well now you can! There's this cool fitness ranking system we are now using called FitRanX, and it is going to help you stay MOTIVATED with new fitness goals (even myself).

This is going to be great! If you want to know more, just ask me by responding to this email or when you see me at the Renov8 Fitness coaching center.

Yours In Fitness,

Heather Binns


Instead of Resolutions, Set Some New Year RESULTS!!


Instead of Resolutions, Set Some New Year RESULTS!!

Ah the New Year! This is always such a wonderful time of year to set new intentions. I know there is always some backlash against "Resolutions" because many people don't keep them past February... So don't call them "Resolutions" if you associate not following through with that word, instead call them New Year RESULTS!

There is something about the blank slate of a New Year to decide what you want to make happen! It is exciting, motivating and worth taking advantage of. What will your 2018 New Year Results be?

Set some goals that you know you can commit to. Here are 20 suggestions for new micro-habits that could add-up to some big transformations in 2018…

  • Drink ½ your bodyweight in ounces of water every day
  • Take 3g of high-quality fish oils every day
  • Download and use the HeadSpace meditation app for 10 minutes every day
  • Get to bed by 10:30pm (or earlier if needed) 3 nights a week
  • Write down 3 things you were grateful for during the day, every evening before you go to bed
  • Write down 3 “victories” you achieved during the day, every evening before you go to bed
  • Read for 15 minutes every day instead of watching television
  • Walk/run 10,000 steps every day
  • Do 20 push-ups every morning
  • Stretch and/or foam roll for 5 minutes every morning
  • Spend 5 minutes planning the day within the first hour of waking up
  • Have a veggie-based protein smoothie 3 times a week
  • Every 3 months write down 10 people who have supported or positively influenced you and write them a personal note to say thank you
  • Declutter your inbox by unsubscribing from any emails you no longer read. Including this one if applicable, although you’ve just got to point 14 so I’m guessing you have at least half an interest in what I’ve got to say ;)
  • Avoid caffeine after 12:00pm
  • Turn-off social media after 9:00pm
  • Plan and prepare your meals for the week every Sunday evening
  • Commit to strength training at least 3 days a week
  • Set yourself some exercise-related targets, then plan monthly non-food-related rewards for following them
  • Eat breakfast everyday

Now how do you make sure to keep yourself on-track with your New Year Results (micro-habits)? I started using an app called Productive to help build new daily habits. You put in whatever you want and it gives you a reminder when it's time to do it. Take some time this week to sit down and write down your goals for 2018. Remember to consider goals in all areas of your life - health & fitness, financial, career, family, spiritual, experiences... Or make a vision board with pictures reminding you and keeping you focused throughout the year.

Whatever you decide to change in 2018, I hope it brings you the success that you’re looking for. Here’s to you in 2018!

Heather Binns Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC



Let's Talk About 2018!

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season thus far and are taking time to connect with your family and friends while reflecting on what you are thankful for.

As our holiday season continues, who else has a list of To Do's to start tackling?

Shopping Baking Holiday cards Oh my!

Remember to keep YOU as a priority. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all! Stop and make time for you.

Keep your workouts on schedule at least twice a week. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as you enjoy the end of 2017! Do something every day to recharge while you start to think about what's ahead for 2018!

Goal setting is something I really believe in and love to teach others about. With every New Year comes an incredible energy to get refocused and set some goals. This is why for the past 5 years we have offered a transformation challenge at Renov8 Fitness to give our members extra motivation in the new year while inspiring their friends to join in!

We've been brainstorming what to offer for 2018 to get everyone excited and would love to get your feedback on what you loved about past challenges and what you would be looking for in 2018? Whether you have participated in the past, or are new to Renov8 Fitness, we want to get your feedback!

The survey is only 6 questions so please take about 1-2 minutes to share with us how we can help you start the year off to make 2018 YOUR YEAR!

Click here now to share your feedback

Heather Binns

Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC





Gratitude I feel such gratitude for those that lend me their most precious commodity - TIME (by reading my emails). Time, in the form of your attention, is the greatest commodity that you could share.

Thank you for lending me your attention, and as such I would love for you to have this FREE GIFT! It’s a Thanksgiving Survival Guide that has 7 tips to avoid gaining weight over this upcoming holiday weekend. I hope it adds value to your life. And remember to be thankful...I am thankful for you!

Heather Binns

Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC



You May Not like This!

I was recently inspired by a fellow trainer and would like to share some of the main points in conversation. Enjoy the read :)

We have ONE body. That is ALL we will ever get. No spares, no returns, no substitutes. Isn’t that a good enough reason for you to take care of yourself?

Why should we wait until we have excess body fat, illness, and injuries before we get serious about our health? Why should we do actions that cause harm to our bodies and make us feel bad? How much suffering from physical and mental ailments will be enough?

The physical ailments like having excess body fat, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol are what influences most people to start working out. These ailments are obvious and cause physical and emotional pain. The mental ailments are not as obvious, but they cause just as much pain. Mental ailments place shackles on our minds and trap us in cycles of procrastination, destructive behavior, and poor experiences.


It’s time to declare war on poor health! We must arm ourselves with proper knowledge. We must inform ourselves of a game plan that moves us from our current state of being toward the best version of ourselves. Once we are armed with knowing how we should take control of our health, we need to take action against ignorance, inactivity, and addiction. We must inform ourselves of a game plan that moves us from our current state of being toward the best version of ourselves.

This may sound scary, but the process is actually quite simple and highly effective. It begins with asking yourself a few simple questions that dig deep into the heart of the matter:

Who am I? Who would I like to become? How far am I from becoming who I’d like to become? What game plan will I use to reach my ideal body and self? What barriers stand in my way? How do I remove these barriers? By when will I reach my goal?

Once these questions have been answered you are ready to achieve your transformation. Then you have one last step. Take massive action in the direction of your goals! That is all it takes.

Now go get some!!!

Heather Binns

Founder, Renov8 Fitness



None of This is For Me

Everyone always wants to know the secret to making change in their health and fitness. Well here is our answer to the question of “What’s the secret?”

Show up!

There really is no secret; you have to do the work in order to get results. At Renov8 Fitness, we find those who show up to workout at Renov8 on average 8 times a month are the ones who are successful at attaining their goals. Make it a goal to finish the year coming to Renov8 Fitness just 8 times a month!

We have many opportunities to encourage you, motivate you, support you, and guarantee your journey is successful.

• Our annual Shed 2 Sizes Challengers are almost done with their challenge getting ready to celebrate in November making huge strides in their progress! They have their final jeans try-on coming up just around the corner!

• We have our 100 Workout Challenge and 50 Workout Challenge off and running as our participants get closer and closer to their goal for the latter part of 2017!

• Team Renov8 is supporting each other as they participate on November 4th at the Kaiser Get Fit Relay, on November 11th at the MuckFest Mud Run, and on November 19th at the Muddy Warriors Xperience. There’s still time to join us for these fun races!

• Our nutrition coaching members have successfully been changing their habits all year long through our individualized nutrition program that is focused on helping you establish a lifelong nutrition approach. By offering sound nutritional advice, a tailor-made nutritional plan with your goals in mind, and support from us, you can make a positive change that you can be proud of for years to come.

• We have Spartans training for their races in November and December. Join Team Renov8 for to tackle the hills of Castaic on December 9th and learn on all of our obstacles under the leadership of Spartan SGX Coach & Spartan Obstacle Specialist, Heather Binns!

• And if you haven't joined into any of that, you can still make a difference by contacting us today to see how we can best serve your health, fitness and nutrition needs!

NONE of this is for me! If you're reading all of the above thinking...NONE of this is for me. There's no way I could do a Spartan or other obstacle course race, I never joined into the 50 or 100 Workout Challenge, I'm not interested in shedding 2 sizes, and I dislike eating healthy…Listen up!

We have one question for you – WHY NOT YOU?

If you are one of the people who thinks none of the above is for you, why not? In case you didn't know, Renov8 Fitness is led by one of the top trainers & fitness coaches in Los Angeles who can help you accomplish anything you decide you want to do. The key word is – DECIDE! You have to make that decision and we can show you the path.

Don't miss out as we head into 2018 on everything we will be offering throughout the year! We have so much in store as always. Start to think about your goals now and let us know what they are. What can we help you accomplish in 2018? Maybe doing a Spartan Race is out of the question for you 6 weeks from now, but what about one year from now? Or maybe a triathlon? Or maybe you're ready to tackle the 100 Workout Challenge in 2018! Let's get started now. You don't have to wait until January to get focused on your goals. Why not you? Contact us today at (818) 925-5433 or GetFit@Renov8.Fitness so you can take your first step towards improving your health, fitness and nutrition today!

We promise that you will enjoy saying ‘hello’ to the new you!!



Unfinished Business?

It's fall…can you believe it’s already October? Another year is flying by as usual. As we head into the last quarter of the year, take a moment to reflect on 2017. Where were you at the start of the year? What promises did you make to yourself this year? What unfinished business do you have before 2018 begins?

Here’s a Question for You: Which one describes you?

New 2017 Member - Some of you joined Renov8 Fitness this past year and have made BIG changes, congratulations - bravo to you!

Renov8 Fitness Athlete - Others have been members with us for years and have set new athletic goals such as competing in an obstacle course race (OCR). We had our biggest OCR team yet at the last Spartan Stadium Sprint race in Los Angeles!

Renov8 Fitness Super Hero - We have so many incredible people who are members of Renov8 Fitness. Some of you may have had a lot of "life stuff" going on this year and been focusing on keeping stress free and taking care of you. Kudos to you! By putting yourself as a priority this year you are able to take care of everyone else in your life and continue to be the Super Hero that you are. We love seeing you consistently in the gym and some of you are doing great in the 100 and 50 Workout Challenges. Great job!

Not a member yet? Lastly many of you are not members of Renov8 Fitness yet. You read our emails and are thinking I really need to do something to stop feeling guilty and start feeling proud of myself. Is this you? Well, the year is not over yet! We're here for you! Just reply to this email and we'll get you started.

We Have Something For You! This last quarter of the year we have all kinds of opportunities to finish 2017 strong. Whether you are looking to step-up the consistency of your training to continue to be a Renov8 Fitness Super Hero, want to compete in a race, or are looking for a new way to de-stress or learn more about nutrition, we have your back!

Check It Out:

The 50 Workout Challenge is off and running! If you haven't started yet there is still enough time to get your 50 workouts in by the end of the year and earn yourself $25 Renov8 Club Bucks! Ask us for details next time you are in, or reply to this email. Consistency is key with your results and we are paying you to be consistent. What other gym pays you to workout?

We are gearing up for multiple mud runs and obstacle course races in November and December! If you are looking for a new challenge to push yourself this could be the year for you! Talk to your Coach if this would be a good goal for you. Our upcoming team races are:

  • Kaiser Permanente Get Fit Relay – 11/4
  • MuckFest Mud Run – 11/11
  • Muddy Warriors Xperience – 11/19
  • Spartan Sprint Race – 12/9

Looking to dial in your nutrition? Our PN Coaching program is a year-long nutrition and lifestyle coaching program to finally help you master what can be one of the most difficult aspects of looking and feeling great - food! If you are interested simply reply to this email and we'll get you started!

Last but not least, our 2017 group of Shed 2 Sizes participants have been staying focused and committed to their goals! They are approaching week 4 of the 6-week challenge and are getting their first try on this week! Tina came in this morning and already has her jeans coming up over her hips – way to go Tina!! We are so proud of all our S2Sers as they are learning new habits to change their life!

Train hard this week, stay focused on your goals, and above all enjoy your journey. Always feel free to reply to this email if there is anything we can help you with! The last quarter of 2017 is going to be so exciting around Renov8 Fitness.

Heather Binns, Renov8 Fitness


Are You Up for the Challenge? – The S2S Challenge?


Are You Up for the Challenge? – The S2S Challenge?

Most people workout just to workout, and there's nothing wrong with that, if you're not interested in specific results. But we like setting goals be it weight loss, gaining strength, or what have you - and actually helping our clients achieve their goals. We're fanatical about delivering results!

Many of our clients have come to us after working out at big box gyms, trying random weight loss programs, and working with other personal trainers with little to no results. Frankly, we pride ourselves on the results we deliver to our clients. I guess you could say that we create fitness and fat loss programs that produce results, and that our clients stick to!

That's a BIG deal...creating workout programs that are challenging enough to create change, but fun and motivating so you'll stay with it long-term. Well, we've created what we considered our best challenge yet.

We call it the S2S Challenge (Shed 2 Sizes Challenge) and its fat loss-driven nutrition and workout program (not a diet - we HATE diets) are designed to get you down at least two jean sizes in only six weeks.

Let's say that again...We've figured out how to help you lose at least 1-2 jean sizes in only six weeks without having to starve yourself or having to work out seven days a week. Don't get us wrong, our S2S Challenge, does require you to train, and you'll train hard, but only 3-4 times per week. And, as we said before, there's no dieting or starvation involved…just healthy, sensible eating. We'll give you a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid so you'll get maximum fat burn from this program. This program isn't just about losing inches and weight either...It's about getting toned and defined in your arms, legs, and midsection too!

Here's the How S2S Challenge Works: It's a six-week fat loss and fitness program designed to melt away at least 1-2 jean sizes. The workouts take place at our private fitness center under the watchful eye of certified Fitness Coaches. Every workout is designed to provide you with the coveted "afterburn" effect, which is a state of having an elevated metabolism for well over 20 hours after you've worked out (the afterburn is the real reason you'll burn maximum fat). And to help you get the most out of this six-week program, we're going to give you a nutrition plan to follow. Basically you'll just follow the nutrition plan and see that you're no longer bloated, and you'll know that the foods you're eating are helping you to burn maximum amounts of fat. And as always, you're going to have tons of motivation and accountability because that's our secret ingredient. Well, that and our awesome ability to help you burn fat and tone-up fast.


We're having a Kickoff Seminar on September 14th at 7:30pm and YOU'RE INVITED! Then you get to go shopping and buy yourself a new pair of jeans BUT, they must be 1-2 sizes too small for you (there's a method to our madness here...motivation!).

You're going to bring your new jeans, or an old favorite pair, to us on or before the first day of the challenge and we're going to hang onto them for you. At the end of the six-weeks you'll have lost at least 1-2 jean sizes and you'll comfortably fit into your new jeans, AND...

We will be hosting a S2S Finale Party where you can sport your new jeans or outfit and receive gift certificates from our S2S Challenge sponsors (see below) and other great prizes! We've created a really fun, motivating, and high-energy program to help you drop at least 1-2 sizes in six-weeks. Best of all, this program is for any fitness level...whether you're just starting out or you've been working out for a long time, this program will work for you because it's customized for your fitness level.

The S2S Challenge starts on Saturday, September 16th.

All you need to do now is...

  1. Click HERE to register or call us at 818.925.LIFE (5433) to reserve your spot for our Kickoff Seminar on September 14th at 7:30pm.
  1. Go shopping for a pair of jeans that you really like or find that old favorite pair, but make sure they're 1-2 sizes too small.

  2. Bring your jeans with you to your first appointment at Renov8 Fitness so we can hang onto them for you and use them as a motivational tool to inspire you over the next six weeks. Okay, be sure to reserve your spot ASAP as space is limited in this challenge.

See you in the gym!

Yours in Fitness,

Heather Binns