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You are Unique


Every client is truly unique and that includes YOU.  No matter who I’m coaching, I always customize as much as I can for every single person, whether in a group, semi-private or 1-to-1 setting.

Everyone, including you, has an imbalance and/or dysfunctional movement pattern, a history of sport or a sedentary lifestyle, issues of pain or mobility restrictions, various nutrition habits and mindsets, and ideals of who you want to be.

It’s up to me to help you discover the best ways to achieve your goals, to inspire and motivate you to put in the work needed, to guide you effective execution of the tasks at hand, and to educate you on your journey through a new phase in life.

This is one of the reasons I love learning and educate myself as often as I can. It’s important to me to stay on top of the health & fitness industry and to share the very best with you.

I have to earn your trust and I truly value the trust you put in me as your guide, your coach, and your mentor.  And when your successes happen, I’m on cloud 10!

I know I am doing the right thing.  I am living my passion every day and look forward to helping more people like you find the athlete within, whether it’s been buried for awhile or never been found. YOU are an athlete!! 💪🏼

Yours in fitness,

Heather Binns

P.S.  Let me show you how to shed fat and become strong while creating a lifestyle you can sustain forever in a close-knot, nonjudgemental environment.

Have You Heard the Good News?


Have You Heard the Good News?

Lifting weights not only reshapes and defines your body, but also improves your mood and confidence!

There is a strong link between physical activity and improving your mental state (i.e. “getting your mind right!”). Aerobic activities such as running and cycling usually receive the most publicity when it comes to exercise causing a natural endorphin release, however weightlifting does the same thing!

Endorphins are the 'feel-good' hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system, causing reduced pain and a boost in pleasure that ultimately results in a feeling of well-being. This 'natural high' reinforces habits and yields significant improvements in your mind, body and spirit.

Although cardio is the preferred method of choice when it comes to chasing this 'natural high,' the latest research shows a positive correlation between weightlifting and improving your mood, while decreasing symptoms of depression. In as little as two sessions per week you can cut symptoms of the blues in half by lifting weights at the right intensity.

Additionally, the more muscle mass you add to your body, the more these symptoms diminish. So what are you doing for your health & fitness? Are you training to lose weight, become healthier, build confidence, increase muscle mass, reduce pain or just feel better?

More and more people experience depressed moods on a day-to-day basis and unfortunately turn to the streets and prescription drugs, which leads to addiction and possibly even death. If you feel anxious or down, consider lifting dumbbells, Kettlebells, sandbags, barbells, medicine balls, or anything else that's somewhat heavy for you and start moving it properly.

Lifting weights is a healthy alternative that offers wonderful side effects such as increased energy, mood and confidence along with a good-looking body. So get your lift on today and get your mind right!

Heather Binns Founder, Renov8 Fitness, LLC